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Restaurant | Annecy

House, a restaurant / wine bar located on a historic site at Annecy 8 place notre-dame, first floor. This property has it all located in the old quarters it has a unique decoration ..... A warm cozy place, unpretentious with the sole objective: customer satisfaction. The house is 10 years of existence is a line of conduct questioning, evolution, improvement and those permanently. Reach the first floor, you have a choice: On the one hand ..... Its wine bar with a menu of more than 300 different bottles. The policy owner is to make this place a must for all wine enthusiasts and lovers of our region, to accompany all our barman Philippe boards will propose dinners concocted only fresh produce and crafts. The other ..... The restaurant of 75 seats divided in 3 rooms and 1 bar. N this place you can find our essential fresh fries A WILL who are renowned for several years now, to accompany a wide range of fresh meat delivered daily by our artisan butcher will be a la carte, you will also find a choice salad meal, fish but also meat fondue, stone grill, hamburgers, duck, lunch menu, dish of the day .......... Noted that since the refurbishment of the restaurant in its entirety kitchen rooms and in June 2010, the big news is renewed each day prepared by our chefs with fresh produce and quality in order to eat healthy and balanced meal, our goal is to rework all of the dishes could achieve our parents and grandparents with love and flavors ...... Whether one side or the other you will notice that House PRICE, QUANTITY and QUALITY are agreements. At the house there just for a drink, a meal, an after, no matter you are sure to spend a good time with a team always at your service and somewhere there is always a little like at home .......

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